vrijdag 19 september 2014

LFW Moschino Spring 2015

This week at London Fashion Week were shown the Spring/Summer collections of our favourite top designers. New York Fashion week was great so I was excited to see what LFW would bring us. And I know this is getting old, but here I am again, writing about Moschino! I can't get over it, I love this label.

 Jeremy Scott joining the label as creative director really was just what they needed, his style being slightly more eccentric than most, he was the perfect fit. Besides for working for Moschino, Scott has his own label and has launched an accessories line with none other than Miley Cyrus, aptly named 'Dirty Hipppie'. (for those who speak dutch , heres a piece I wrote on the collection on my other blog) 

Bubblegum pink lipstick, big platinum blond hair, and with Barbie tunes ringing out of the speakers this show was exactly what you would like to expect from a Moschino show, maybe even more. Last season we saw an equally poppy trends, with pieces inspired by McDonalds and Budweiser. I loved the tshirt Jeremy wore as he took a bow after the show reading 'Moschino for ages 5 and over'.

Love the style? click here to get the look!

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