donderdag 20 maart 2014

Batiste Tropical dry shampoo review

Hi there! Today we will be looking at dry shampoo. These days I always feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I would have liked, I'm always rushing from point A to point B and do what I can in between. Washing ,drying and styling your hair takes time and that's something I don't always have. So when I first tried dry shampoo I was kind of sceptical of how effective it would be.
This is how it went:

 I spent the night before running my fingers through my hair trying to make sure my hair would definitely be greasy for the before and after pictures! 
I started by spraying the main areas (read: the greasiest) holding the bottle about 30centimeters away.You will be left with a layer of white dusty stuff,  I always do this first thing in the morning, so it has time to be absorbed by your hair while you do your make up ect but it takes roughly 5minutes to absorb. After this you simply brush your hair and voila! Your hair looks instantly fresher and smells great too. Batiste offers a range of different smells and textures, from extra volume to cherry scented. The only downpoint,  As you can see on the pics I was already dressed and you can see why I usually get dressed after I do my hair. On the third pic you can see the layer of powder it left on my sleeves :( But no worries, it whips right off.

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