woensdag 12 maart 2014

Hema Exrteme Volume Mascara

Today I will be reviewing the Hema Exrteme Volume Mascara. I decided to start experimenting with Hema makeup after I bought the Hema brown eyebrow pencil  and was really pleased with it. 
After trying a selection of maybelline mascara’s and thinking there all pretty much the same, I tried the Hema one for a change.
The appearance is nothing flash, a very basic overal black with white lettering.I know that there are people who think it looks a bit boring but I like the basic look of there make up range and find it really recognisable. The brush is pretty standard and this has it effect , there isn’t much volume going on. My lashes are black and more prominent but that’s it. I have pretty small lashes so I need more than this.Here there is first a picture without the mascara.

And here is the result.Like I said there's not too much volume.
I would give this a 6/10 and would't really recommend it. Hope this was useful.

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