donderdag 13 februari 2014

Hi there!We all dread that moment our favourite make-up  item runs out and we have to go through the hassle of finding the same piece again or find something similar if they stopped making it.When my favourite eye-liner ran out I went to the same shop I bought it from (the Hema) to ,of course,find that they don't make that particular one any more :( I liked that one because it was a really good one.So I went to the kruidvat and started looking for a new eye liner.I tested a few and ended up with the Gosh eye liner pen,black. In the shop it looked great, the nice thick black line on my hand as a test looked perfect and  this for under €10! BUT,when I got home and actually used it I was really disappointed.I had to go over it 3-4 times before I had a nice black line that you couldn't  see the skin through. Definitely wouldn't recommend this one!
(On the picture I only drew one layer so you could see how inefficient the covering is)

Fashion Happens

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