woensdag 26 februari 2014

L’oreal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer Eye liner review

Hi there!
Let me introduce you to my new favourite eye-liner: L’oreal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer Eye liner.
It is the best one I've come across so far, it has loads of good quality's. I'll start with the shape and design:
at the end of a long handle there is a sponge tipped brush. I love this because one of my main problems with most eye liners is that the tip would wear,
become fluffy or hairs would simply fall out of the brush.With the sponge tip you can create nice full lines ,I only need to apply one layer for a full black line. When I first started using eye liner
I found it difficult when it was too runny and the brush was too floppy, this could be ideal for beginners.I was a bit worried about the long handle thinking it would make the job harder or uncomfortable but it makes it easier too use.
Another thing I love about this eye liner , is the fact that it lasts forever! This liquid eye liner dries faster than most and once it has set it stays perfectly in place, it's not supposed to be waterproof but I have been through the pooring rain , been for a night out, even slept with the eye liner on and it stays perfect every time!
I could only find one small downside and that's the fact that it's quit a shiny eye liner and has this wet look too it  .Except for that perfect! I'd give it a 9.5/10

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