zaterdag 15 februari 2014

we love onesies!!

 Did you know Fashion Happens to love onesies? In Belgium they aren't nearly as popular as they are in the UK.But the trend is definitely  starting to taking off. Originally my boyfriend was given one by my uncle for Christmas, I thought it was funny because I didn't think he would where it.But to my surprise he did and he really liked it and it sort of made me jealous seeing him all nice and cosy in his warm onesie,I now wanted one too! This is the one I came home with: Posing with my feline friend Kaya I am wearing a cat onesie from primark. I hate to say it , but I really can't remember how much I paid! Probably around €12. Want to pick up on the trend?Here are a few cool onesies to start of your collection:

Cali camo hooded onesie, €30

Smootch Onepiece jumpsuit, € 119.95

Cosy soft fleece onesie with hood and ears, €35.12

Nicola polka dot large bow mouse onesie, €45

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