woensdag 14 mei 2014

Hema Concealer stick

Everyone has the occasional spot or bags under there eye’s and on those occasions a good concealer is your weapon of choice. More often than not I have a hard time sleeping so almost constantly have bags under my eye’s.
Today I’ll be showing you the benefits of Hema’s Concealer stick.

First Impression:
Typically for Hema the packaging is clean and simple without any fuss, which is something I like about Hema, they are very recognisable. The concealer itself is scentless and available in a range of different shades.

How it went:
It’s quite a thick formula, which makes it harder to get a good coverage. The long tube makes it easy to hold and use. As for covering blemishes and redness it’s not always so great. I have a small red scar on my chin and I have to apply many layers to cover it up. My under-eye bags though, disappear.

For barely €3 it’s not bad at all, although I won’t be buying it again. Because it’s so thick and creamy it’s harder to blend and I sometimes end up wiping it off by accident.

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