zaterdag 10 mei 2014

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day straight spray review

On my last few visits to England I had heard of the John Frieda Frizz ease collection and soon after there where advertisements here in Belgium. So decided to try it, I love straight hair and always wish it would just stay straight. I got the John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day straight spray and the Frizz Ease Hair Serum Original Formula and after reading the instructions I was enthusiastic.
The spray claims to transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days or until your next shampoo if less than 3 days and serum promises to correct moderate frizz for polished smooth hair and daily use helps prevent future frizz.

First impression:

I was intrigued alright, imagine, not having to straighten your hair every day... Both bottles had a cool look to them and the typical for John Frieda look.

How it went:

Now, I don't really have curly hair , it's wavy and never stays straight for very long. But I figured if this stuff can keep curly hair straight, it's got to work on me! I tried the serum on it's own for a week,  applying sparingly on wet or towel dried hair without rinsing, blow-drying it and styling it.  After that I tried the serum in combination with the spray. The spray is to be used on damp or towel dried hair, starting with 7-9sprays throughout your hair and to use more or less depending on your curls. After I blow-dried my hair, I straightened it and felt straight away my hair was slightly silkier and frizz free. On the second day my hair was surprisingly still straight and tidy there was no need to straighten it again, just a quick brush. I did try not to wash my hair three days for the purpose of this review and it was somewhat straight but also ready for a wash. 


I'm really pleased with the result. It gave me a natural glossy shine without making my hair oily and kept my hair straight and frizz free for the next few days, saving me time styling my hair in the mornings. The John Frieda line is slightly pricier then other products I have used previously but it was money well spent. A well deserved 9/10

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