woensdag 7 mei 2014

London Baby! Part 2


You might have read about an upcoming shopping trip to London a few weeks ago, as promised, here I am telling you all about it. About a month ago I booked my friend and myself two tickets from Continental Tours for a day trip to London. I've been on a day trip to London with them before a few years ago and remembered how little time we had. But looking at the brochure and seeing we had 6hours shopping time I thought we would be ok...Nope. There was no where near enough time to shop the entire Oxford street!! We had time for lunch ( after a 4 hour and a half drive we we're starving!), we went to the Primark, River Island, TopShop, Bershka and Ann Summers..And after that we had to RUN, Like literally run to catch our bus back! Conclusion, it was one big rushed day and next time we will come over for longer. Now, for the good part, what did I buy:

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