zondag 11 mei 2014

Phone Fashion

Fashion is a fun and ever changing thing. It used to be just about clothes, handbags and shoes, but these days it goes much further than that. So If we are dressing up our dogs, and glaming up our note pads, why not our phones?
Before I bought my Iphone I had a plain Nokia and always thought the Iphone covers and accessories where pretty and there was waaay more choice. So naturally when I bought an Iphone it became my mission to find some phone fashion!

When I came across these button stickers at Claire's I knew I needed these in my collection of ever growing phone fashion accessories. I was a bit worried about the stickers coming loose, but they where actually really good. I kept the first sticker for about three months before I took it off and that was only because the silver paint was coming off. When applying the stickers we did come across a problem that could potentially cost you money, as you can see on the picture, when you hold down the button, it goes to Voice Control. This has happend many times since in my handbag when wandering about, my phone gets pressed up against other items and sets it of. My dog Rex has made calls sitting on my phone too...

The possibility's are endless when it comes to phone fashion!

Marc by Marc Jacobs,  Net-a-porter €45
3 Pack bow buttons, Claire's €4,99
Hear Me Meow, Urban Outfitters €17
Whipped cream and bows, Urban Outfitters €39
3 Pack Bling bows, Claire's €4,99
Teddy Phone plug, Claire's €3,99

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