vrijdag 6 juni 2014

Maybelline Superstay 14h: Tried and Tested review

I love lipstick , especially darker shades of red, which is a bit of tricky thing to wear. It smudges, or get's on your teeth, making having a pocket mirror with you at all times essential. So when I spotted this 14h superstay lipstick, I had to give it a go. I chose the Lasting chestnut lipstick and a gloss , I think it was Forevel Coral. Over time I've seen a few lipsticks making such promises as this one, but never one claiming to stay 14h!

For this test I took a pic every hour. I start my day having breakfast and after that I do my make up, no different today and after applying the lipstick I put it away so I wouldn't be tempted to reapply it. Whilst wearing the lipstick I had to sandwiches for lunch and after that I left for a BBQ at a friends house. There I had baguettes, sausages, ribs, the works and some wine, all the while wearing the lipstick.

First impression:

When I was in the shop, I tried it on my hand first and even after washing my hands a few times you could still see the lipstick. This was a good omen for me. The colours are vibrant and plenty to chose from. I wasn't so sure about the look of the lipstick, a very plain white packaging with silver writing, I'm sure that after spending some time in my purse the packaging won't look so great! But here's the thing that got me all excited, the smell! I love the smell after I bought it I was making everybody smell my lipstick because it's just so great!

How it went:

The lipstick is easily applied and isn't too dry and doesn't turn flakey . As you can see on the hour-by-hour picture it does stay the full 14h but could use an extra application midday. Which is great considering the BBQ I had with the lipstick on. Towards the end of the day I got a bit bored and lazy with taking the pictures ( that's why the quality isn't that great) . Since buying this lipstick I've been on a night out in town wearing it and got into bed without removing my make up and woke up with panda-eye's but my lipstick was perfectly intact!

I really love this lipstick and I have nothing in my collection that compares to it. I lost the Superstay gloss a few days after buying (still really cross with myself for that, who loses lipgloss?!) and never got to test it. But if it does turn up somewhere at some point I'll be sure to make a review about that one too. Will have to buy more shades. 

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