dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Kiss All or one Artificial Nail remover set review

Hi there! Lots of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks so keep in tune!
A few weeks ago when I went to Sluis , this is one of the things I picked up, an all in one artificial nail remover. I instantly thought wow what a great idea, but wasn't sure if it would really work so I asked the store clerks some advice and they assured me it does work. Usually I would remover my artificial gellish nails by first soaking a cotton bud in the special remover containing acceton that you can buy in most drugstores and then wrapping the bud around my finger with tin foil. It's a noisy fiddley process especially when you have to do it on your self. So I took the risk and bought this set for about €12.

Kiss claimes to safely and gently remove full-cover glue-on nails, tips and all other types of nails and removing the nail in up to 5 times faster than soaking in acetone.

The packaging is cleverly put together, stacking the different containers up on each other with the smaller pieces kept in the lid.

 1 Artificial nail remover 100ml
1 Remover jar
1 Mini file
1 Manicure stick

The packaging directs you to pour the nail remover into the remover jar.

I love the design and the placing of the finger holes. Somebody has clearly put some thought into this product with special attention for comfort and ease.

I placed my fingers in the container and let them soak for about to 2 minutes after using the file to break the top coat seal of the nails, enabling the product to soak in properly.

This is what my nails looked like to start with. I had already lost a chip on my pinky finger due to clumsiness.

After 2 minutes you are ment to scrub your nails against the little brushes on the inside of the tub for a while. Here I have to point out that, bearing in mind I have a very sensitive skin, that this was really uncomfortable for me, leaving my fingers soar.

But after 10 minutes there was clearly some result.
After about 20 minutes I managed to get them of entirely.

Overall I was impressed. I love the whole idea and anything that saves my times is a keeper.
Would I buy it again? Definitely ! Easy in use and above that ,easy to store ,which is always a plus.
I wouldn't use it on other people for hygienic reasons, so the girls who have there nails done by me are still going to have to put up with the tin foil, sorry!

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