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The Jane&Joe Miss Coast Belgium Fashion Show Report part two

Thanks for joining us for part two of The Jane&Joe Miss Coast Belgium Fashion Show Report!
As promised this part is all about the shoot and actual fashion show with the girls of Miss Coast Belgium. You will be seeing mostly pictures by Di Fausto , so credits to him ;)

I'll start by introducing you to all the models from this fashion show, the girls of Miss Coast Belgium.
I didn't get to see and meet all of the candidates but you can see them all on the Miss Coast Belgium website.

The Finalists

1.Saida Cebil

 2. Loredana Celia

3. Karen Michiels

4. Shirley Zeebroek

5. Sandrine Van Buynder

 6. Chiara Wickmaeyer

7. Céline De Brock

8. Julie Van Acker

 9. Kimberly Lammens

 10. Kylie Vermeulen

 11. Nina Desseyn

12. Amber Hulpia

13. Joy Vanmellaerts

 14. Nele Van de Walle

15. Marieke Catry

16. Cynthia Dierinck

17. Charlotte Bulcke

18. Stephanie Devuyst 

19. Nona Bollaert

20. Guanita De Weirdt

And of course last years winner and runner-ups:

Shanna Sonck 

Vicky Vanhaecke  and Célest Vincent

As the girls started to arrive at the beginning of the day, I soon realised I would never be able to remember all of the names, there where 17 girls that day and in all the busyness I didn’t get the chance to talk to all of them let alone ask there names.

 For there first assignment they had to pick a bikini from the assortment of clothing provided by Jane&Joe for the beach shoot which took place at Salitos Beach. They chose there favorite pieces and one by one went to the beach. When I’d helped most of the girls, I went to buy my self and ice-cream and check out the photo shoot. It was Hot.

Cynthia Dierinck was being photographed as I arrived, with Bo helping out holding a reflector board. I went up to a few of the girls waiting and asked them if they minded all the on-lookers and if they are forward to the show later and seeing if there were any nerves. But it was clear that these girls had done this before and knew what they were doing. 

I went back to Niki to help her out with the girls get there next outfits ready and check they have everything, making changes if necessary. Apparently meanwhile there were interviews going on, but I’m afraid I missed that! We all had a break and got some refreshments before going back to work.

While we were waiting for the fashion show to start, which was delayed due to the race on the big screen at the location the fashion show was taking place, Kurt, the owner of Jane&Joe arrived along with the girls mentor, to check if everything was moving smoothly and everyone had what they needed. The girls were told what to do and where to walk and were told to wear a bikini for the first walk. 

When the moment finally arrives, I follow the girls out, who are heading for the stage. One by one they are introduced shortly and they walk the stage, starting with the winner and two runner-ups from last years Miss Coast Belgium pageant, the winner Shanna Sonck and Vicky Vanhaecke and Céleste Vincent.

After each girl finished there walk, they went back to the dressing rooms to ready themselves for the next round. This time they would be wearing jumpsuits, but I'm afraid I missed this part too.

Again starting with the top 3, the girls walk in their own choice of Tshirts and shorts.

Next up, a dress followed by the second bikini. While the girls were doing this, we were told what would be happening next. We prepared the girls who started to come back from the fashion show for the second part of the fashion show. 

They started of with sweatpants and a crop top, moving on to the long skirts and bikini top or a long dress. For the end of the show, they all wear the same dress as each other, along with their ribbon. Walking on one at a time, they took a moment to introduce themselves and say a few words before walking the stage.

1. Saida Cebil

6. Chiara Wickmaeyer 

14. Nele Van de Walle


17. Charlotte Bulcke 

20. Guanita De Weirdt

The time flew past and before we knew it , it was all over.
It was a great show and the girls had a good time despite the heat.

After we finished up, we went on to the Veledrome for some fun on the bikes. 

It's a small bicycle arena with loads of tweaked bicycles doing all sorts wacky things.
They all had a go on different bikes , driving around the course.

After a while we were all called together and the owner of the Velodrome announced we were having a contest. The girl who rode their bikes the best would win an outfit courtesy of Jane&Joe. We were all aloud to join in so Bo, our presenter at the fashion show, joined in.

Getting ready to go!

In the end, Bo won and happily accepted her prize!

We all had a great day. Again thanks Di Fausto for letting me use your pics, Jane&Joe, Miss Coast Belgium thank you too ;)

Fashion Happens

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