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The Jane&Joe Miss Coast Belgium Fashion Show Report part one

Hi there welcome to my two part report on the Tropical Beach Day, Miss Coast Belgium at Salitos beach with Jane&Joe that I had the chance to help out at on friday.
Next week I will be talking about the fashion show and all the girls but today I will be telling you all about my day helping out at a fashion show and give you a glimpse behind the scenes. 

My friend Niki asked if I would like to come the fashion show and help out and maybe write a piece about it on my blog. Thinking this was going to be a fun and new experience, I said yes and started to look forward to the date. The Miss Coast Belgium and Jane&Joe worked together to put this fashion show together. The girls of the Miss Coast Belgium are momentarily on a summer tour along the coast and today they are here in my hometown Blankenberg modelling in Jane&Joe outfits.

 I didn't really know what to expect from the day and what was expected from me but I soon came at ease when I arrived with my friend Niki and got to work. It was a big room with LOTS of clothes, shoes, sun hats, sunglasses, jewellery, everything. When the Jane&Joe boss came in, we got a quick briefing on what to do.


We arrive and are put to work, I'm given a stack of papers with the names of all the models coming in. We were told each model was to chose two bikini's, a hat, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, a dress , a jumpsuit and a T-shirt and shorts and put them in one of the supplied bags along with the paper with there name on it to avoid confusion when it got busy.


Some of the first girls start arriving and Niki goes about explaining to the girls what they need to do and which clothes they had to chose and told them where to find refreshments.


The first girls that finished choosing there outfits went down to Salitos Beach to be photographed in a bikini of choice.

Bo helping out here on the shoot.

It was soon clear that my main task with helping the girls was being the scissors lady. After they had made there choice in clothing, they brought there bag to me and let me cut of all the tags. Once I finished up with this, I decided to go exploring.


I left Niki with the models and went down to Salitos Beach to watch the photo shoot taking place. It was so hot it was unbelievable! Most of the girls didn't spend very long in the heat on the beach and went straight back to the dressingroom. I had a quick talk with a few of the Miss candidates waiting in line and asked them if they didn't mind all the eyes being on them. Bearing in mind this photo shoot was taking place at a packed beach bar, beautiful models won't go unnoticed. I think most of them have gotten used to being center of attention and they said they didn't mind or tried to ignore it. They all seemed to be really nice chatty girls and you can't help but admire them.


Time for a break! I myself go and get an ice-cream but most of the girls spent this time looking at the close once more, making sure they had seen everything. Niki and I went around checking everyone had everything and tidied up a bit. Have you ever had one of those days when you can't seem to find the right outfit and end up taking out most of your clothes out of your closet? Well multiply that pile of clothes by 19 and now imagine the work we had putting it all back!


All the girls have now finally finished choosing all there pieces, although there where a few stragglers  who just kept on going.

Bo, the host for the fashion show arrives and we have a quick chat about whats coming up. She's a real nice young girl who has done some modelling herself and I instantly saw why she had been chosen to do so. A very bright and bubbly personalty make her perfect for the stage.


The hairdresser Yves from De Nieuwe Haarmode , who did the girls hair earlier in the day, arrived at what he probably thought would be perfect timing to watch the show which was ment to start at 5pm. But because there was a little thing called Tour de France on at that time, which was being shown on the big screen on the stage we would be using, the show was postponed an hour.

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for! The first run was to be in bikini number one. While they where waiting the girls practiced there moves and walks.

Every girl has a number, starting with the top three girls, the winners of last years Miss Coast Belgium. One by one they are all shortly introduced while they walk the stage.

 Soon all eyes where on the girls and they where attracting all sorts of people...even aliens.


The girls who walked first come back tot he dressing rooms and are instructed to put on the jumpsuits they had already chosen earlier on and left straight for the stage again.

Everything went a lot quicker after that. The next outfits that went out were the shorts and tee, the dress and then the second bikini.

Somewhere along the way one of the girls managed to destroy a sun hat.
Always improvising, I turned it into two hats and gave one to Niki.
Fun and Fashion, as always ;)

After a short break the show went on to a second part where again the girls were to wear different outfits. They started with the sweatpants and a tee and went on to a long skirt and bikini top or a long dress. They ended the show all wearing the same cute dress and there Miss Coast Belgium ribbons. They all had a chance to introduce themselves and say a few words.
Check in soon for my next post about the girls of Miss Coast Belgium and for more pics of the fashion show and photo shoot.
The show was a succes and everyone had a great time despite the heat.


But it doesn't stop there, after the show we went to De Lustige Veledroom for a little celebratory crazy bike race. We were aloud to fool around on all the different crazy bikes, each bike had a special tweak, turning it into a unique and sometimes almost uncontrollable bicycles.

After a while of driving around and getting used to the bikes, the owner announced we were going to have a race. The winner would win a outfit of choice at the Jane&Joe store. You can spot the photographer Di Fausto here in this picture, snapping away.

I think this would be motivation enough for any girl to get on a bike. All the girls had a go, some of them got further than others but everyone seemed to be having fun after there busy hot day.

And the winner is...Bo! 

Before moving on to dinner we all have a well deserved drink and raise a glass to these lovely girls who did such a great job today.

After this our chariot awaits us and whisks us of very, very slowly to the restaurant.
For this the organisation managed to get us the local tourist train (it isn't really a proper train, it's like a car with carriages). We were waved off by on lookers and on were our way.
By this point I was so hungry i forgot all about taking any pictures, luckily Shanna, one of the girls, had taken a few pictures before the meal.We arrived at an Italien restaurant called the AL Piccolo Mondo, we had a starters of all kinds of pizzas and pasta of choice as our main dish and some drinks. It was getting late so most of the girls left, as they had quiet a way to go to get home. Soon it was just me, Niki, the hairdresser Yves and his girlfriend, the photographer Fre known as Di Fausto, the owner of Jane&Joe and one of the last models Charlotte. It was a great night but out of no where a wind storm picked up and we saw that as our que to say our goodbyes and make our way home.

The whole day was a great experience, I loved every moment of it and learned so much. I had a great time with the models and all the great people that made this possible. I have already volunteered to help out any other events .

Special thanks to:


Thanks for the great day, Jane&Joe and Miss Coast Belgium thanks for this opportunity, it was great.Di Fausto, for letting me use his photos and of course Shanna, for letting me use one of her photos too :)

Check in again soon for my next post about the fashion show and for more photos of the photo shoot and the show.

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