maandag 4 augustus 2014

Belgian August Edition:Essentiel Antwerp

Meet Essentiel Antwerp, a Belgian line that started of small, turning into the successful line it is today.

What started in 1999 as a simple T-shirt line, with 4 different T-shirts available in 20 colours soon turned in to a full line of colourful mens and women's wear. 
After a year  Esfan Eghtessadi en Inge Onsea open there first boutique in Antwerp. 
Soon shops would follow in Knokke, Leuven, Paris, Hasselt and Lille.

Essentiel Antwerp brings a collection with bold prints and colourful materials that cannot be missed in any wardrobe. They have also been known to work with other people, such as Sofie Valkiers, the woman behind the well known fashion blog, Fashionista.

I like the way this couple has worked together to bring a line of fashionable and colourful clothing. You can find there items online, either at there webshop or other sites such Asos.

Coat €485, Dress €175, Sweater €145, Necklace €110, Boots €325, Pants €135, Skirt €135, Purse €110

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