vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

New Hair

Not exactly breaking news, but I had a small make-over. I decided a while back I wanted something different, a bit tired of the black color I had. I've had black hair (not really black, just very dark, a number 4) for about 5years and change was over due! I found a picture on the web, I think it was pinterest, but i'm not sure, and I showed my friend Elien who works at A Touch Of Jocye, and she said they would be happy to help.

This is the picture I found.

This is my hair before:

Elien and Joyce suggested putting in some copper, saying it would really look nice. And I'm glad they did. I really couldn't imagine what the result would be and was super happy when I saw it.

A big thanks to my friends Elien and Joyce, they did a great job, I love my new hair!

Fashion Happens

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