dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Shoplog H&M August

Last week I had a few shifts in Knokke, a town 20 minutes away. And in this town they have an H&M. Not great for my bank account but this time there where sales! I don't usually enjoy sales, but this H&M has great sales. There's lots of choice and they always have my size.

I think I must have spent 9 euro's in total, not bad. There was a lot of jewellery to chose from, all at very low prices. A few days after this I went back and bought a pair of black trousers for €3 and another necklace for €1.

These are the first 3 I necklaces I bought.

I saw this bikini when I was in England in Juli, but I ended up not buying it for some reason.
So when I saw it in Knokke, I was really glad. Can't go wrong for €6!

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