donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil review

Browsing the drugstores a few weeks ago, I came across Bourjois Contour Clubbing line. Available in range of metallic colors, many to chose from, great for finishing a  smokey look.
Bourjois claims it's waterproof formula is crease-resistent with a soft texture for easy application.
I wanted to try something different for a change, to replace the black eye liner I wear daily.

First impression:

I chose 45 Blue remix, which is a pretty metallic shade of turquoise. The appearance of the product is about as flash as it gets for an eye pencil, the color matching the pencil itself.

How it went:

The smooth formula makes it easy to apply and can be smudged within the first 5 minutes of application. It doesn't crease, as mentioned by Bourjois. Long lasting and water
It looks great!  The only thing i have to point out is that you might need to take care when sharpening the pencil, as it's so soft and breakable. 


I love the color but I don't think it's an everyday look. It's easy to apply and has a permanent spot in my make up bag!

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