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Post 71: Lokerse feesten and Folie du zoute

Hi there!

I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy with other projects. A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to write a blog for a shop called Jane&Joe. You might remember me writing about them a few times over the last thew months. 
Of course I couldn't say no! So i've been busy doing that and part of the job is doing the Jane&Joe Facebook page

Now, back to the article. A few weeks ago my friend Elien announced that she had won 4 tickets to Folie du Zoute on the 6th of august. I was lucky enough to be asked by friend to join her along with two other friends, Shanna and Ilse. The tickets were for a fashion show followed by a party in Knokke. Being the diva's we are, we were late and missed the fashion show. Which was a shame but never mind, we had an amazing night!

None of us had any idea of what to expect. A few years ago Elien took me to another party in Ostend called Nacht van Exclusief, she had gotten tickets through her previous work and would be doing the Belgium celebreties hair before we went. But something told me this would be nothing like that party.

As we arrived, we noticed not many had taken notice of the 'touch of red' dresscode. So the past thew days stressing over a red outfit was basically unnecessary. Nevertheless I was glad I had worn a red dress Niki had lent me along with my new Michael Kors shoes. Big mistake, it was a nightmare, I have no idea why I thought wearing new shoes for the first time on a night out would be a good one. The next day when I went to Blink 182 numerous people treaded on my blisters :(

Along with the shoe thing we did have a bit of a bad experience at the bar, every.single.time(!!) we ordered a drink. But expect for that we had a blast! I love my friends and spending time with them like this. These are memories we will look back to later in life and laugh :)

 Back in march, my friends Niki and Davey let me know Blink 182 would be preforming at the Lokerse Feesten this summer. We all grew up with there music and didn't want to miss out on the chance to see them preform live. The Lokerse Feesten is a small festival in Lokeren of all places. I didn't really know what to make of it, as it was such a small festival with only one stage. 

First up were two other bands, don't ask, I've already forgotten who they were, as I'd never heard of them before. Before Blink 182 was up Niki and I went exploring. I love festival food! There's always so much choice of exotic and fast foods. Again, because the place was so small there wasn't much to see. Niki got a really nice Blink 182 band tee with a floral print and I got a kebab.


When they finally came on, there was no nonsense and they started playing immediately and the crowd went crazy! 

It was kinda strange to see how much they had aged, except for Travis. He looked freakishly the same and hasn't aged a day apparently.

On the way to the festival Davey had mentioned a sign Blink 182 apparently put up on most shows and when the lights came on and the band started playing he was a bit disappointed Blink 182 hadn't used this particular sign. So at the very end of the show, when they started lowering the flaming sign many had anticipated, Davey looked very happy (:

This was one hell of a trip down memory lane and we loved it! It was a great show and we all had an amazing time. 

Before leaving we went for a quick stop at the restrooms, where I found the opportunity to leave my mark :) I just couldn't resist!

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