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Elvive Full Fiber review

A few weeks ago , while I was watching TV a L'Oréal commercial came on and instantly caught my attention. L'Oréal had launched a new shampoo range called Elvive Full Fiber, claiming to increase the hair's diameter and  a formula that provides deep cleansing whilst giving you luxurious-looking body & bounce. As soon as I saw this ,I knew I had to try this. I have really thin hair so I thought this would be ideal for me.
I decided to try the Shampoo, booster and conditioner.

First impression:
The Elvive Shampoos have always have an eye-catching look and the Full Fiber is no exception. The turquoise and purple packaging make it stand out among the other shampoos. Promising to gradually transform your hair into luscious locks. 

How it went:
I've been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and have almost finished it...And to be honest, from the first time I used it ,I knew the shampoo wasn't for me. It doesn't really smell of anything in particular and I missed the smell of freshly washed hair. 
After washing your hair with the shampoo, your meant to use the booster and leave it on a few minutes, then apply the conditioner without washing out the booster.

Firstly, the boosters a bit impractical in use. It's really runny, so you want to apply it quickly  or it wil run through your fingers and down the drain. Because of this you can't put the lid back on straight away, if you have a shower rack or something along those lines you could maybe prop it up and if not you'll just have to put it down and hope not too much of it runs out. Another thing I didn't like like about the booster is that it didn't have a color, didn't foam or had any particular texture, I could only guess if I had distributed it evenly over my hair. Overall, I have to say, i'm not impressed. Rather than making my hair thicker or fuller, it has made my hair 'heavier' , making it harder to style and gave me an itchy scalp, although this could be due to sensitive skin/scalp.
I'm giving this a 2/10
A real shame, I expected more of my favourite brand.

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