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Self-Tanning Dry Mist Review

I’ve always shied away from self tanning products out of fear of turning into a carrot and an negative experience in my teens. I’d bought this moisturiser, Nivea i think, which was ment to gradually give you a sun-kissed look…Maybe I was too young and inexperienced (read: too lazy to read the instructions) but I ended up with yellowy-brown splodges all over my body. It really looked horrible! I’m really pale and have a very sensitive skin that instantly burns - peels - and goes back to white and this year i’d had enough! This year I was going to have a tan or at least look somewhat healthier, end of story! So after asking my friends for some advice (one laughed and told me to spend more time in the sun), I  decided to go for L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Mist and put there claims of an even bronze color to the test.

First impression:
I liked the overall design and it was the first one that caught my eye when in looking in the self-tanning isle The applicator reminded me of an airbrush applicator .I had a hard time believing the spray really was dry.

How it works:
Really fast! It literally takes 5minutes. Spray…and done! L’Oréal promises that this spray tan laks the typical smell associated with self-tanners. I find it has a pleasant and not too strong smell that fades quickly.
Before applying, it is recommend to use a scrub and exfoliate your skin.
They advice you to start at the top and work your down. Hold the bottle at least 40cm away from your body and spray evenly downwards. It dries up immediately and you can put your clothes on straight away.

I was a bit worried about getting the spray all over the bathroom so went into the garden to try it out. The second time I used it inside and had no problems. 

As you can probably see on the photo’s, I have quit a big scar on my left leg, I didn’t bother trying to hide my scar ,thinking it was a good example of the great coverage the spray gives and for me this was one of the things that worried about the most. My legs and body are evenly brown. I’ve used the spray three times and am really happy with the look! I never thought I would say it ,but I love this stuff!

I give L’Oréal Sublime Dry mist a well deserved 10/10

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