zondag 13 april 2014


Browsing the web last week, I stumbled across this really cool webshop, fresh-tops .
Everyone needs at least one statement piece in there closet and fresh-tops is THE place to shop! The minute I clicked onto this site, I was in love.
Everything from 'Crazy MOFOS' sweats to 'Hello my name is Johnny Knoxville' crop tops and all this at reasonable prices. Having a 15year old sister who's totally obsessed with One Direction and the likes, it's got some fun band shirts and sweats ideal for that age group(One direction, Justin Bieber...). When I was her age and was obsessed with Greenday and other rock bands, it was almost impossible to find stylish and decent band tees . It's worth signing up for the mailinglist, as they regularly add new pieces.

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