zaterdag 26 april 2014

Gelish+Nail stickers: Does it work?

Last christmas my boyfriend got me a Gelish set so I could do my own nails.
The set consisted the basic varnishes plus two color's (I chose Sparkly silver and dark red) and a UV light.  I love Gelish as it's so easy to use, almost like nail varnish.

I've always enjoyed doing my nails and before I got this set, I bought loads of nail stickers but ended up saving them for 'special occasions' and eventually forgetting about them.
When I was rummaging through all of my things and spotted them I started wondering if I could use them in between my Gelish layers, I know you can use regular nail polish, so I searched the web and couldn't find anyone who had tried it yet.
So here I am , taking on the challenge!

The result:

If anything , it looked pretty cool.
I started using the base coat and after removing the sticky layer, applied the stickers and ended with two top coats.
Now, I didn't expect the nails to hold too long, thinking, once air got under one of the layers, it would be over. On the second day I bumped my thumb into the door and lost half of the nail. But that was just me being clumsy. All in all they lasted little over a week (mind, I do always use gloves for cleaning and washing up). Which is longer than the two days the stickers would have lasted, bare in mind that my Gelish only last about two and a half weeks, but again, that's just me being clumsy.
So my advice would be , if you have real cool stickers that you want to wear more than just a day or two it's worth a go. I'll probably do it again if I find new cool ones.

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