maandag 14 april 2014

Vlieger & Vandam

Let me brighten up you're monday by introducing you to Vlieger & Vandam bags. Founded by a dutch couple in 2004, they have become known mainly for their Guardian Angel bags. Their designs inspired by the current issues in the media, 'Guardian Angel' refers to the popping pieces 'guarding' you.

Featured in the Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Elle amongst others, Vlieger & Vandam are HOT and have been know to attract celebrity's such as Rita Ora and Rihanna .

I've seen these bags around before and really like them, especially the Guardian Angel Clutch.

Guardian Angel Classic Large Deluxe Crucifix €465.00
Heavy MetalPurse €399.00
Guardian Angel Clutch Gun €235.00
Guardian Angel Clutch Crucifix €235.00
Heavy Metal City Bag€449.00
Splash Classic Large Deluxe €395.00


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